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My amazing wife and I live in a log home on acreage on Beautiful Vancouver Island. I love to fish, hunt, travel, ride my motorcycles and spend time with our children, family and friends. 


Several years ago I tanned the hide of a deer from one of my recent hunts. It was an extremely long and difficult process but I did however succeed in making a beautiful piece of buck skin... Now what? Well you teach yourself to create leather items - you make a crude buckskin pouch - then you spend a few years gradually getting better whilst everyone in your family accumulates a collection of leather goods that you've made... eventually you realize "I'm getting pretty good at this... wonder if this might be more than just a hobby - maybe a business?" Maybe, one day... but for now I'm happy building leather goods for those close to me. I've been asked several times if I'd consider selling my works - "Yes, Maybe, I Dunno... OK sure" I build items when I feel inspiration and when I don't - I don't. I like it this way. If there is a custom piece you are looking for I would consider commission work. Let me know if there is something special you are looking for... 


My Story


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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