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My wife and I live on acreage in Beautiful Vancouver Island. I love to fish, hunt, travel, ride my motorcycle and spend time with our children, family and friends.


Several years ago I tanned the hide of a deer from one of my recent hunts. It was an extremely long and difficult process but I did however succeed in making a beautiful piece of buck skin... Now what? Well you teach yourself to create leather items - You make a horrid buckskin pouch - then you spend a few years gradually getting better, whilst everyone in your family accumulates a collection of leather goods that you've made... Finally you realize "I'm getting pretty good at this.. wonder if this might be more than just a hobby - maybe a business?" Then I wake up and realize the only way to make money selling leather goods is to produce them in bulk as cheaply as possible. 


I work full time and have zero interest in running a site that sells run of the mill items in bulk at hopes of a profit. This is my hobby and I never want it to seem like a business. So, I created this site to share my leatherworking experience and maybe sell the odd thing along the way. I hand stitch every item, burnish edges until my arms are sore and do my best to create quality items. If you are looking for a inexpensive leather item I would recommend Etsy or any of the other online retailers. Many of these sites are able to produce decent quality items at a fair price. If you want something hand made in which you can be part of the design - send me a note as I always looking for a new project. 


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